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  • once broke up a fight between strangers in a crowded shopping mall
  • have only had sex with one person, my wife
  • will never have sex with anyone else, and I will never divorce
  • still have faith not only in the Macintosh platform, but in the Newton and Apple Computers in general
  • believe that ...
    • the Declaration of Independence not only still has meaning today, but that it is the source of our national value system and it is legally binding
    • the Bible is infallible in its originally written form
    • the government has the right to make and enforce laws regarding Internet content
    • it is impossible to enforce most laws on Internet content
    • speling, grammer, sintax subject are to change, culture and interpretation dependant on
    • language rules exist and must be followed in formal communication
    • rules are not absolute
    • faith is absolute
    • income tax is an evil throwback to feudalism
    • the federal government is in direct violation of the 10th Amendment to the Constitution in most of its social programs, and should be held accountable
    • human life beings at conception
    • human life never ends
    • people in general are stupid, ignorant, and lousy
    • people in general are capable of awesome greatness
    • athletes should not get paid more money in exchange for doubled ticket prices
    • sports franchises are a public resource
    • I've said just about enough

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