Trust sources, not information

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I could lie to you, and you might never know it. I could put a virus in my software or point you to a fake site that you only think is real. I could even be someone else other than whom you might think I am.

And this does not make me any different from any of the other people on the Internet, or in the popular media. How do you know that I will not give you a virus? How do you know that was said by a "trusted White House official", and that even if it was that he wasn't lying? How do you know that Java is the "next big thing"?

Do not trust any piece of unqualified information, ever. Trust only sources, and trust only the sources which you have reason to trust. If you do not know me and do not know anyone who knows me, do not trust me.

This is not a manifesto. This is just a warning.

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