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I am a homeowner now. I kinda think those commercials that advertise home equity loans are a bit off-beat. Even the best ones have low production values, like the ones starring Dan Marino.

I saw a new commercial the other day. Some two-bit actors are making fun of the other commercials, saying that sports figures don't know anything about home equity loans. Let me get this straight: a multimillionaire sports figure, an intelligent quarterback who has a high-priced agent, a guy who values his name and his reputation, is to be trusted less than some actors who would kill their agent to get a paying gig?

That was kinda annoying to me, until I saw a commercial with actors claiming that they could have sex now that they got their home equity loan. "Well, that solved our problem," says the woman in bed. "ProbLEMS," says the man, as he turns out the light. You don't need Viagra(TM), you need a home equity loan! We doan need no steenking pills!

Sigh. If I were reading The Brothers Karamzov (did you know that William Shatner played Alyosha in Brothers Karamzov opposite Yul Brenner in his film debut?) instead of watching TV, I would not have this problem.

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