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I just had a vision. A small one, and not very clear, but a vision. Netscape throws development of Mozilla to the masses, but keeps careful control of it. I applaud this decision, and have been helping out with it myself a bit.

But I had a small vision of the future where most major development efforts were Open Source projects. Windows111 is the first Open Source version of Windows. Brilliant hackers band together in a two-year project to develop the thing. Sure, there are problems adapting this very corporate-development mindset to the Open Source mindset, but Bill Gates is a visionary, and with his leadership, it can work.

Until these hackers are found out to be double agents of sorts, and they inserted a secret doomsday virus in the Windows code and cannot be held liable for it, since they did it for free, and they cannot be forced to tell Bill where the problem is or how to fix it, because they "forgot", and only US$1 billion in hypnosis fees can help them remember.

I want 15 percent of gross if this is made into a movie or book. I have a record of you viewing this page, Mr. , so don't think I can't trace it back to you. Wow, your name is a mouthful. I'll just call you Wally.

You see, Wally, I am just not so sure how well this Open Source thing could take off. I am not skeptical as to how well it can and does work; I am skeptical as to how subject to spectacular failure it isn't.

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