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Haven't written this in awhile. Been prohibitively busy. Writing code, writing articles, writing mail. Reading code, reading books, reading mail. Watching the Bruins head to the playoffs, watching Kosovo head to hell, watching our new puppy grow.

It's a good life mostly. Though this war things ticks me off. Right now, it sucks to be an Albanian in or around Kosovo. It sucks to be a Serbian in Yugoslavia. It sucks to be a reservist who thought he'd only be used when the USA needed him, not as a backup when the country ran out of troops because of a lack of responsibility in maintaining an adequate military.

But that's where we are. Sigh.

But enough about the war, that's all we ever hear about these days. I don't have much to rant about though, so I'll just mention a few more things that are good. I got a new network card in my router, so my network is going to be more stable and secure. The Bruins start round one of the playoffs on Thursday against the Hurricanes, which should be a great matchup, pitting the former Hartford team against their formal Boston rivals. I wonder who most former Hartford fans will be pulling for in this one?

Work is going well, but very busy, and when I am not working for work, I am trying to finish a half dozen other programming or related projects. It is springtime, so I need to make time to work on the yard, which is fine, except that the builders still haven't fixed our front lawn. That's a long, ugly story. Maybe somehow we'll get it taken care of this spring.

Spring is good for that kind of thing.

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