Did You Like the New Star Wars?

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I don't care, so please don't tell me.

I don't care if you like the new Star Wars. You have no responsibility to society to tell me. I know that goes against everything you've learned from watching the hype and talking to people about the movie over the past year (well, it seems like it has been that long). You feel that in order to be a contributing member of society, you must tell people that you liked it, or you didn't like it, and specifically what you didn't like and why, and how you would have done it, and your thoughts on why George Lucas chose to blame the whole Force thing on dirty little bugs feeding on our DNA, and the effect this all will have on our children and their children, and whether or not they should release it on LaserDisc, since lots of old-time geeks still use those things, and regardless, whether or not they should release it in time for Christmas, because even though that would be good for Lucas' bottom line, it might detract from the film if they rush it out to video so soon, though Lucas is already so greedy with the heavy marketing of toys and posters and books and not allowing free movie passes and didn't you find it tragically funny that the only Hispanic character in the movie wasn't in the movie at all, but in the form of a chihuahua who hotwired a robot army tank in a TV commercial?

I do realize that if you don't share all of your opinions with everyone you know that the Star Wars as we know it will cease to exist, but maybe when I walk into the room you can just relax and talk about the Red Sox.

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