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I just need to fix a few things in the source (see the bugs and previous diary entries), do another test or two, and release this thing. I am preparing an announcement, a sort of the State of MacPerl.
Hopefully, soon the SourceForge blokes will fix the diary viewing problem, and they will add to the project admin section the code that will allow me to start using MySQL on http://macperl.sourceforge.net/.
I think I've decided to work late nights on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and I really won't get much work done on other days. This will help me focus more, and help this to not overrun my life.
On the Slash front, there are some bugs I am working on (esp. with Template stuff), and we want to get another beta out soon.
Brian Aker and I are going to finish up an outline for a Perl Conference presentation, hopefully a 90-minute talk on Slash. use.perl.org

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