Config work; some libraries, then release?

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I got a lot more done on config.h. I really want to do another release (tomorrow?); it will depend on how much time I have. I sent Matthias some questions about various config.h macros. That is not necessary for the next release, but I didn't want to put it off any longer. I really want to figure out some problems with module installations, but I think I just might go ahead and do another test build, and then release. I can move on to the other stuff later.
What with this cold knocking me out, and other committments, I am behind where I want to be, so I think a release is important at this point, to keep things moving.
CVS is not updated with the current 5.6.1 source, but the macos and macperl directories are what matters; I am just taking the 5.6.1 source directly from the perforce repository. For now I will just let the CVS stuff in perl (except for the macos dir) remain stale; it is too much trouble to keep it up to date anyway, as maint-5.6 is updated quite often.
The next release will be in two forms, I think. One complete archive with everything, and then multiple smaller archives, for people who already have a lot of it.

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