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After some words from Sarathy, Jarkko, and Nick, it looks like I am going to try to patch 5.7.0, and if those patches get into the perforce repository, then they should be able to be merged into 5.6.1 relatively easily. I hope to do that ASAP; I might not get to it until Monday, though, since I don't do a lot of work on this stuff except for Monday-Wednesday. Maybe I will find some hours this weekend, though.
Several people had success with builds, and have given me good feedback. I have been and will incorporate it into the archives and the build instructions.
VISE has pretty good licensing terms for share/free software; I want to make a pre-release installer and get it to them so I can get registered and get a serial no. from them.
So priorities now: getting the libraries to all build and install; work on Config.pm; evaluate 5.6.1/5.7.0; play around with VISE. use.perl.org

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