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So it was decided to implement a basic kill() that kills nothing. It just sets an error code and returns that no signal was sent. This makes it so that kill() can be used to test for taintedness, which many people do.
Taintedness can also be tested safely with something like "eval { $data, eval 1 }". There's another way in Thomas Wegner's bug report: il&aid=231848&group_id=7940&atid=10794 0
where you can substr a scalar to 0 length, then eval "# $data". Regardless, many people use kill, so it is nice to have it there.
Thomas' File::Glob patches, and my patches to the glob tests, were tested on perl-5.6.1-TRIAL3 and MacPerl 5.6.1d2, and it all worked, so I sent it on to p5p.
I am waiting to hear back from VISE on the installer license. I am hoping to do a first preview release in April.

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