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Well, I didn't get a lot done this week. Long hours at work, plus meetings, plus cleaning out my den, and I just couldn't get up for it. However, Thomas Wegner did give me a working patch to File::Glob, which made my week. And I spent tonight working on a first go at an installer, using MindVision's VISE.
It is very cool; they give free licenses to share/freeware developers (good for one year; I just give them a copy of the installer so they can verify it meets their criteria, which it already did before, since Matthias used it), and then I can make all the installers I want for MacPerl for a year. Then I just renew in another year to make more.
Also very cool is the relatively new web-based installer. I create a little 276k installer app, and then the user downloads it and selects what he wants to install: PPC, 68K, Fat, MPW, whatever. Then the user selects a location to download from (I will put in a bunch of CPAN mirrors from around the world), and then the app downloads what is needed. I tested it tonight and it worked great. Very nice.
I plan on distributing the one tiny web installer, and the full installer with everything in it, so users can choose which to download.
I also need to look at the Updater functionality at some point; it might be cool to have an Updater that can update all of the standard modules (maybe other modules, too?) to the last versions, etc. Mmmmm. That comes later, but I am going to read up on it now so I know if I need to do any preparation beforehand.

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