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I got a ton done today, I think. I closed out some bug reports and tasks, I submitted some patches, I did a bunch of test builds (with the newly released perl-5.6.1-TRIAL3), and I figured out some more things about the source.
The patches were for File::Path, which I had thought I had done already, and POSIX.xs to take care of the definitions which were moved to macish.h/c for times() and struct tms, so we could build Devel::DProf. All of the extensions are built now.
Even more bugs have been uncovered, unfortunately. :-) Some of them are GUSI issues, some aren't. I've been putting off bugs that are specific to the MacPerl app code, and focusing on the perl core and standard library. Once that is quite stable, then the app will have, at least, a good foundation to work on. When I look at the bugs, it seems like there's a lot to do, but when I remove the app-specific bugs, it doesn't look so bad.
If some of the more serious remaining bugs can be worked out soon, I want to do a binary alpha/preview release. That'd be cool. I want to do a source release this week. Maybe Wednesday.

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