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Well, testing is good. I have been uncovering a few subtle bugs. One was some weirdness in config.h where BYTEORDER was not getting defined, so MacPerl 5.6.1a1 thinks it is little-endian. Oops. That's all fixed.

Then we find that perl does not completely implement sprintf, and that it leaves the e/f/g formats for the local sprintf to handle. And there is at least one bug in SFIO's sprintf implementation, and maybe two (that is, it rounds 0.9 down to 0 for %0.f, and it pads %010g with spaces to the left, instead of 0s). One or both of these may have been fixed in more recent SFIOs.

I also added some Makefile instructions to install the libs in :lib:macos: into :lib:, simplifying a few things. Yay.

I am going to start the tests over from scratch, as I found out some interesting things. First, "@INC = '../lib'" works fine in MacPerl 5.6.1. Is this good or bad? I dunno, but for now I'll keep it, as it means far fewer patches to the test suite. Now that (as noted in the previous paragraph) is in ::lib, we won't need to include ::macos:lib. Nifty.

I also found out that $ENV{MACPERL} and $ENV{PERL5LIB} were sometimes interfering with my test paths. Ack. So part of the test procedure would be to un-set those (under MPW).

Really, most of these tests need to be done under MPW. Oh well.

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