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GUSI 2.1.7 was released, which fixed a few bugs, and Matthias also went in and fixed a bunch of little bugs in MacPerl. I added an MPVersion.r file to have a central place to udpate the version information for resource files, and is read in by Perl.r and MacPerl.r.
I also added a $MacPerl::Compiler variable, which is figured out dynamically in the source. I wanted to just add it to, but am not sure how I can. I suppose one way might be to store it in a resource, but that would be a pain. I also want GUSI_VERSION stored somewhere (once Matthias adds it to GUSI), but that will be easier, since you can just set it at build time somewhere; with the Compiler variable, you have to be somewhat dynamic, since it can change for 68K/PPC. I'll have to think on it some more; ideas welcome, as always.
I am thankful for everyone's work, including Alan and Paul and Peter and more, but the last couple of weeks Thomas Wegner has contributed a lot, including ports of File::Glob and File::Find. Outstanding.

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