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OK, the latest perl-5.6.1 source is now in the MacPerl CVS. I've deleted old files, added new files, and set everything in perl/ (except for perl/macos/) to be mode -ko so that CVS won't change the RCS keywords. Everything should be fine with it, unless there are some binary files that are messed up (again, this is just with everything EXCEPT for perl/macos/).
I've also tagged it all (except for perl/macos/) as "foolperl", as the code I used is all in a release by Sarathy on Sunday.
My plan moving forward is to keep CVS synched with the "maint-5.6/perl" branch in the main Perl perforce repository, and then to tag it when there are actual releases. So you should be able to rely on the CVS perl/ stuff as being fairly recent. I'll probably synch it with the most recent stuff later tonight.
When we go to perl 5.[78].0, I may branch, or I may just redo this all again, deleting old files, adding new, and updating others. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

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