and MacPerl 5.[68] and error messages

| | Comments (0) was pretty cool. I saw people I haven't seen in awhile, and met some new people, like John Gruber from Bare Bones Software. I chatted a bit about MacPerl, and a bit more about Mac OS X.

After some discussion with people in various locations, including the meeting and on lists, and after some problems with building bleadperl (PerlIO stuff apparently having problems with sfio), I am convinced, for now, to just continue on with perl 5.6.1 for MacPerl, and to just test 5.7.x a lot more often, so there will be some essentially parallel development, with the emphasis on 5.6.x, not 5.7.x.

I am less clear about what to do about error reporting; hopefully, a consensus will be reached sometime soon.

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