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I have a meeting tonight, and then I have two meetings in two weeks. Then I am pretty much done with this committee I am on, so I will have more time to relax. No hockey this week either (though I might play a pickup game on Sunday night). Hopefully I will be able to put more time into MacPerl this (and coming) months.

I plan to finish up a few loose ends and release Slash 2.0.0 tomorrow. Brian and Pat finished up what little they had left, so we're looking good. Slash 2.2 is full speed ahead, and we've already made a lot of changes. For my work, I completely ripped apart Slash and Slash::Utility and spread the functions out into other modules; I have a lot done on Slash::Messages (for sending messages to users, such as, "your comment was replied to" etc.); and Mozilla 0.9 was just released so I can work on ForumZilla support (which I want to make independent of Slash 2.2, so that it can be a plugin used by Slash 2.0 too, so I can run it on use Perl).

Brian said he would work on a Slash::RSS module of some sort; my hope is that we can make easier the process of producing RSS/XML content from Slash.

Lessee. I guess that is about it for now. Oh yeah, I need to finish registering for YAPC and TPC, and finish up the second phase of the talk on Slash that Brian and I are giving at TPC (which I will give at YAPC, hopefully).

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