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As promised, I've done nothing with MacPerl lately. Now because of additional unforseen matters in my life, I might not get back to MacPerl until June. I won't promise that, though. Aside from personal matters, I have to get slides done for TPC in the next week or so, and that will be my priority.

However, once that is done ... I anticipate that aside from actual traveling in June/July/August (for two vacations and two conferences!), I will have plenty of time to work on MacPerl. And heck, my two vacations will be long day road trips, so I can code in the car (thanks to the wonders of laptop computers and auto adapters, and others who can take the wheel for hours on end) for some of it! :-) That's coming up in July and August.

So, no more wasting time. I'll finish up slides on Slash in the next week, and I'll report back later.

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