I'm Baaaaack

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It has been a full month since I have done any real work on MacPerl. I can't say it has been a good time off -- May 2001 will go down as a pretty lame month, all things considered -- but it was good for me to take the time off.

To the users and especially to those who are helping out, thanks very much for your patience.

So tonight I read through and filtered about three months of MacPerl emails. I also worked a bit on some bleadperl problems and did a fresh build of 5.6.1 with a few new patches. I worked some on Thomas Wegner's File::Find patches. Thomas submitted a bunch of other patches too. Tomorrow I will finish my work on File::Find and get into the other patches and bug reports.

Lots of extra-MacPerl activites are going on to get in the way, still. YAPC and TPC are coming up. Those conferences look like they will be a lot of fun, too. use.perl.org

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