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Well, back from YAPC. So I didn't do much for MacPerl last week, and this week, family obligations are taking up half my evenings. I'll get back to it eventually. :-)

Now, the fun part of MacPerl for me has little to do with working on core MacPerl. Just so I don't forget the whole point of it all, I wrote a script that plays MP3s I tell it to play, using speech recognition.

Slash is coming along. I hope we can pull it all together for the live Slashdot move, probably in August.

I heard Tom Daschle -- the new U.S. Senate majority leader -- a couple of weeks ago flat-out refuse to bring certain Bush proposals to the floor of the Senate. Russert listed off various proposals, and Daschle just responded, "dead, dead, dead." Then I heard him say yesterday that it was irresponsible of Bush to say he would veto something before the bill was even passed. That man is such scum!

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