New GUSI, New Alpha?

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I think I am about ready for a new alpha. I *might* even put one out tonight. I have a build working great, almost all of the test suite passing, a lot of new modules added (in macos/bundled_lib/ and macos/bundled_ext/), and Matthias' latest GUSI has fixed most of the major remaining bugs. My problem is that I need to get perforce and CVS synched up. I might just release anyway. I dunno.

Anyway, here are the only tests not fully working. I think about half need to be ported, and half represent real bugs. I haven't looked much into any of these.

# bugs?

# porting needed

# don't know

So I think maybe tonight I will just release, and then come back to CVS/Perforce later this week. Release early and often and all that.

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