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I got the test harness working on MacPerl, except that it still doesn't quite work. The problem is that normally when you run a perl script, you run it under MPW. Then if that script calls out to system() or qx//, it runs under ToolServer. This causes a few small problems for us anyway in testing, because %ENV does not carry over to ToolServer (in my experience, anyway :-).

So anyway, when you run under the test harness, now you run the harness script under MPW, and when it calls each individual script, that runs under ToolServer. And if that test script calls out to system() or qx// ... it cannot call out to ToolServer since ToolServer is already being used. So it fails. D'oh!

Anyway, so I wrote an MPW script to run all the tests. Then I realized that some tests don't print "not ok" if a test fails, but instead just print nothing. And sometimes, "ok" is printed more than once for a test. So, I wrote a perl script to parse the results from the MPW script. :-)

Anyway, the result is below. I found one test that was falsely reported as succeeding (lib/dprof.t).


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