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I think it is very imporant to stop working when the week ends. A day of rest is good. I tend to stretch my day of rest across two days, with interspersed work throughout each. Maybe I should work hard on Saturday and take all of Sunday off.

sky needs to slow down! Or channel more of that energy into MacPerl! :-)

I got a response back from MindVision about the MacPerl installer shareare/freeware license; hopefully it will go through soon.

I found that -d:DProf didn't work because setenv doesn't work, and that is how it tells toke.c to add "use Devel::DProf" to the beginning of a script. Heh. And I had trouble with getting setenv to work, so I have setenv set a global var is the env name is PERL5DB. And getenv returns same said global if that name is requested. Heh.

I found that xsubpp on MacPerl was putting typemaps in the wrong order, causing some problems in DB_File. Fixed! But some DB_File bugs remain. It fixed the problems in ndbm-file.t though, as well as db-btree.t.

I've added some more modules to the dist (List::Util and Scalar::Util, Memoize, NEXT) and might add a handful more (if I can get Time::HiRes working, that'd be good). I want to get another alpha out by the coming Friday, including all these modules, plus some bugfixes, plus more test files.

I love using nntp.perl.org ... check it out if you like news better than email for some things. use.perl.org

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