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So we got the new camera, the Nikon Coolpix 995. First Chris Blanos suggested it after reading my journal entry; then my wife expressed a preference for it. We got it, despite the price, and I am fairly glad we did. It has just about ever feature we could need and will last us a long time. And when taking pictures in SXGA mode or whatever, we get pictures plenty big enough to fill my monitor, plus will look good on a standard-sized print. And we can fit about 380 of them on one 128MB card. Heh.

The software is pretty good, too. I can either just plug the camera (with card installed) directly into the computer and suck the files off a volume icon (and delete them too), which is really cool, or I can use their software to transfer them to an image database, which is also cool.

So now I get to take pictures of all the freaks^whackers at TPC. Should be fun!

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