Trip to San Diego

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I'm flying at 30,000 feet from Pittsburgh to San Diego writing this. I got a power supply for my PowerBook in the armrest, and I have my sound-reduction headphones plugged into the armrest listening to Schoolhouse Rock, and I have some DVDs for later, and it's all great except that the US Airways lady lied to me and said this was an emergency exit seat. The jerk in front of me is leaning his seat back, so I can barely type on the laptop.

Which means I can do a lot but I can't really work. Oh well, I need a break anyway. While waiting in the TF Green Airport in Providence, RI I did a build of bleadperl on Mac OS. Matthias Neeracher identified a bug in perl 5.6.1's Perl_do_open9 where instead of using O_RDONLY, read-only is assumed to be 0.

Now the ass in front of me leaned back more, hit my computer, and didn't apologize. I am close to breaking his arm.

NP: Mother Necessity (where would we be?).

So anyway, when Nick Ing-Simmons did some PerlIO changes, he made Perl_do_openn, which inherited the bad code from Perl_do_open9, and I guess this code was now used in some more places than before, causing the problem to become evident where it wasn't before. Nifty.

I heard today that "air rage" was caused by people not being able to smoke. Yeah right. It is usually caused by a group of people who are inconsiderate, and another group of people who won't put up with it.

NP: p5p meeting.

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