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Matthias (Murr) found another bug in xsubpp (a change in behavior since he last worked on it) that broke some of his changes to it, and changed xsubpp accordingly. I did a test build today, and ran some tests.

Mac::Windows worked. Good so far, so I move along. Mac::OSA works. Mac::Components works. Mac::Processes crashes (well, the app quits). OK, keep going. Mac::AppleEvents works. Mac::Glue breaks. Hrm.

Some prototype errors, fix the code. Can't open files. Hrm. Rebuild the glues with the new DB_File. Aha! Mac::Glue works! Except for when it needs to launch an app with Mac::Processes.

So now the big test: Chaser. Kevin Reid's game. Fails. Hrm. Two prototype warnings, I will ignore. Can't open a file. "@{[cwd()]}:Chaser Resources". cwd() now returns paths with trailing ":". Remove the ":". It works! YAY!

Thanks, Murr.

I am still on vacation from MacPerl, but I will aim to get another alpha out within a week and a half, with a beta following perhaps a few weeks later. Still a few things left before beta.

Still waiting on MindVision for an installer license. :-/

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