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Thanks to Thomas Wegner, a lot more is working now in MacPerl 5.6.1. File::Temp is happy, even File::DosGlob, and File::Spec::Mac is happier.

File::Spec::Mac still has some work left in it, which I am going to mail p5p about.

So currently, all tests pass on MacPerl, except: tests that require fork; some known breakage in sprintf with our version of sfio; system() not returning a usable value; and sysopen not giving a warning on writes to a readonly file.

Except that now Matthias has ressurrected old MacPerl behavior, in part, of formatting error messages, so that on writes to a socket (Apple event, filehandle, whatever) a message is formatted to look like an MPW-style error message. This causes significant problems for about five different tests. Yay. I am not sure what to do about it. I am thinking that I might want to make some sort of switch or global or pragma for disabling the MPW formatting.

For now, I am just running the tests with the formatting off; that way, at least I can verify the tests do pass.

There are two camps that want the MPW formatting: MPW users :-) and BBEdit users. The problem of BBEdit is not one of Bare Bones code; they already have code to parse Unix perl error messages, as they use it in Mac OS X. But there are a lot of users out there using old versions of BBEdit, so they can't retrofit very easily.

Just a late-night random thought: perhaps they could come up with a patch to old versions of BBEdit for MacPerl support? It would basically check the MacPerl version, and use a different parsing code for 5.6.1 and greater. We could even distribute links to the updaters with MacPerl.

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