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Well, some evil people attacked the U.S. The U.S. will do whatever it has to in the name of self-defense. This is good.

Some people are mad at the U.S. -- the most benevolent world power in the history of the world -- for doing bad things that "made" people do this. The U.S. has done far more good than bad in this world, and I am quite sick of people jumping on our throat when someone knocks us down. Those people are jerks whom I have no use for.

I found out this evening that my TiVo recorded several episodes of Space Ghost Coast to Coast and The Brak Show. I am very pleased with this.

Tuesday was a very interesting day for Slashdot. We apparently had over 3 million page views in the 24 hours following the beginning of the evil. We'd never hit 2 million before. The next 24 hours saw over 2 million. Three of the stories on the evil are in the top 10 most active stories of all time on Slashdot. It was a lot of work to keep Slashdot running this week, and we did a pretty good job of it. Could've done better, but it helped identify a lot of little problems with the code. Good.

As there are no sports and his wife is on holiday, Matthias has extra time to work on MacPerl. Thomas Wegner has done some great work, as usual, on Shuck and some other things. I hope to get some work done this weekend on MacPerl. use.perl.org

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