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So I finished up a bunch of changes for perl 5.6.1 and Sarathy integrated them, and now maint-5.6/perl and maint-5.6/macperl are exactly the same (except for the existence of a /macos subdirectory in the latter). I think that is pretty damn cool, yo.

There are only a handful of open bugs and tasks remaining for the beta release. Matthias has one big one (DB backward compatability; he had db_186 working great, but are looking to go back to 185 because Mac OS X uses 185, and so does the old MacPerl) and one with CGI Scripts crashing on ACGI.

I have a few tasks to finish up, but nothing too major. So as soon as Matthias is done, we can get a beta out within a few days (about a month later than planned, which isn't too bad).

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