Impending Betas

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I've been getting the first MacPerl 5.6.1 beta (5.6.1b1) ready. All that's left, really, is documentation and then packaging it all up. There's more bugs, but no show-stoppers for the beta. I want to release Wednesday.

The first Slash 2.2.0 beta (2.1.0) is also almost ready. Basically, we need to upgrade and use Perl and document the procedure and then release it.

Both beta releases are basically ready for production use (slash 2.1.0 will be exactly what is running on Slashdot, and I use the current build of MacPerl 5.6.1 all day long), but will take another month or two to iron things out before a release. I want both released before year's end (slash 2.2.0 should be released long before, I hope).

jjohn said Ben Folds has an album out. I gotta check that out.

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