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OK, today was just one of those days to take care of a lot of little things. That's important, I suppose. Gotta keep up with the little things, or else they turn into several big things.

So what'd I do? Well, I wrote a perl script to mirror my CVS trees (see the SF CVS tarballs for a 4MB listing of all the available CVS trees on the whole system) and file uploads on SF. I am going to extend the script to also mirror my files from CPAN (and other selected files, like versions of perl, etc.).

I wrote some emails.

I found a bug in MySQL, whereby I can do REPLACE INTO table2 SELECT foo,bar,baz,buz FROM table1 WHERE buz=1 and buz will not always be 1 in table2, if bar or baz is NULL in table1, whereas table2 defines those columns as NOT NULL. Yes, the schemas should match, but MySQL should either punt on the whole record, or it should fill in the columns that it can match up properly. Instead, it just drops the rest of the columns for that record. So I try to make bar NULL, and it fails because bar is NOT NULL, so it ends up making bar "", which is fine, except ... it makes the rest of the columns "" (or 0, for numeric columns, etc.). ACK!

I closed some bugs.

I got some new bugs.

I synched up some various sources.

I updated use Perl and Slashcode to the last Slash source from CVS.

I told Jarkko I would test the latest bleadperl on Mac OS.

I watched the latest (repeat) episode of Oz.

I told some people why the Bruins were right to not meet Jason Allison's demands.

I am going to try to get in a few more little things before dinner: update some picks on Pudge's Picks and maybe actually test the latest bleadperl. Yeah, I can do that.

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