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After reading chromatic's journal noting the LINK REL patch to Slash (which I intend to look at on Monday or so), I revisted the LINK REL support in makeslides, a script that I wrote a couple of years ago and rewrote earlier this year, for producing slides.

I initially had support for contents/top/next/previous buttons, but I never had a client that I could use it in (well, I guess iCab supports it, but iCab, last I checked, has a long way to go in CSS support). But now Mozilla supports it with its Site Navigation Bar. I found I had a bug in the support makeslides offered (s/REL/REV/g, oops), so I fixed that and then added first/last/chapters support. So now makeslides is even easier to navigate, and in a nice looking browser.

I might add some logic to remove some of the navigation from the page, since it can now be in the site navigation bar ... maybe some JavaScript checking the user agent or something. <grin>

Speaking of Mozilla ... use Perl now supports ForumZilla, which allows you to read/post the site's comments in a newsreader-like interface.

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