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MacPerl is in a bit of a lull. After the big push to get out the beta, I am just doing small bits here and there. I should look at Thomas Wegner's File::Spec changes tonight. He is such a huge help, I need to take advantage of him as much as possible ... and speaking of taking advantage, I am trying to get Matthias to help only with the things I can't quite figure out on my own. That list is unfortunately long, but I hope to trim it down as much as possible. Ugh.

Slash is moving along, too. We haven't put out the beta yet, but it is not for lack of forward motion. We just see a lot more places to improve the code, and then hit the occasional wall (as always happens in this sort of thing).

On Friday I am going to talk to some people about a cool project called PING (Personal Internetworked Notary and Guardian), an Open Source medical records system where the patients control their own medical records. It sounds very very cool.

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