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I hooked up two satellite cables to my TiVo box, so now I can record two things at once. So right now I am recording the Bruins pregame (and then the Bruins game, following) and Farscape on the TiVo and Enterprise on the VCR (it is not on the dish anyway) and watching 60 Minutes II. Yay.

So I have the wiring mostly done for it. I have another DirecTV receiver upstairs, though. Soon I will do some testing with diplexers and my cable, to make sure it works well with my cable modem and the upstairs TV. Then I will get the multi-switch so I can have all three receivers getting dish singals at once.

I also recently wrote a script (with some modifications to MacPerl) to ask my MP3 player (either locally if running, or over the network otherwise) what is currently playing. I just hit a keyboard shortcut from within any app, it runs a MacPerl script in the background, fetches the data, and sticks it on the clipboard.

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