Jane Fonda's Workout

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Hi hfb. :)

If it doesn't matter who is right and who is wrong, then why bother having opinions and giving them to people and defending them and holding fast to them? You could say it is just your journal and your thoughts; well, this is just my journal, and my thoughts.

It does matter. It matters to you, it matters to me. If you want to pretend it doesn't, fine.

But America is "getting serious" because the foe has done something that is pretty damned serious. Nothing like this has ever been accomplished before by this foe, anywhere in the world. I don't see how it could justify not getting serious.

You speak, erroneously, as though the US has not been fighting these people for some time. We caught the people who were behind the attack on the WTC last decade. We caught people who tried to attack on the Millennium celebration. We are constantly fighting against them. We have been serious about it. Maybe ineffective in many respects (say hi to Lebanon, and bin Laden), but still, we have been serious, and we have been fighting this foe as much as almost anyone else.

Now, we are much more serious, because it is demanded of us.

And yeah, bin Laden does want us to perpetrate violence. He does want a war with the Middle East. That's why I've said I am glad that America's biggest priority has been to form a coalition of nations, including most of the Middle East, to fight this enemy. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and Jordan and even Palestine are key to NOT having a World War.

As to your attacks on the religious beliefs of your countrymen, you should study the Bible a bit more before you incorrectly assume that orthodox Judaism or Christianity teaches that "thou shalt not kill" means "thou shalt not kill." The word is "murder", not "kill". If you don't know the difference, I can't help you much ... but please stop misrepresenting a religion you are not a part of. I have been battling for weeks now to get people to stop misrepresenting Islam, so it is not merely a personal issue with me.

And finally, please stop the tripe like your "Leave the rest of us who remain dubious on this conflict to grieve a ''civilisation'' that still hasn't gotten past caveman." You are the one who started this whole thing off by attacking beliefs of mine (and many others). If you attack our beliefs, please don't complain when we respond and attack yours.

I mean, you sit here attacking my religious beliefs, call me a hypocrite over them, call me stupid, and ask me to not respond? You can't be serious.

It's almost like you see yourself as bin Laden, attacking your foe (America and Americans), and then complaining when we defend ourselves, and then state that you will never go away unless WE leave YOU alone ... I don't buy it from him, and I don't buy it from you.

Anyway, I am not calling you stupid. Please offer me the same respect. Thanks. use.perl.org

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