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I am not talking about Catholic people, I am talking about Christian -- and Catholic -- theologians. And I've never heard the Vatican or the Pope or any proiminent Catholic theologian ever say that kill, in the Old Testament passage, means murder. The Vatican adjures people and nations to avoid war at all cost, and condemns the taking of innocent life, and the unnecessary taking of life. Nowhere does it condemn killing people in war when necessary for defense.

I am sure that some people think differently, including both Christian and Jewish theologians. But most don't. So I am just stating the fact that you misrepresented a religion you are not a part of, and that you shouldn't do that.

I find it illogical and moronic for people who say that they are 'men of god' yet say 'nuke the fuckers back to the stoneage'

Well, you can rest easy, because no one around here is saying that. Feel better yet?

I'm not attacking your faith or calling it stupid,

You did both, actually.

merely saying that there is a dichotomy in reason in saying 'god bless america' and bombing the shit out of another country and calling deaths 'collateral damage'.

That is your right. I know you are wrong, but that's OK, I don't care. I am just asking you to watch the ad hominems that you're tossing around. Say you think it is illogical. Don't arrogantly say that people who have beliefs different from yours are moronic and stupid. Accept that they believe different (see my conversation with Davorg for an example on how people can respectfully disagree). That's all I am saying: have some respect.

As long as the US isn't a police state jailing me for such opinions, I'll feel free to express them.

Again with the hyopcrtical martyr bit! I am not saying you shouldn't express your opinions. I am merely expressing my own. Why is it that when you post, you are merely expressing your opinion, but when I do, I am somehow oppressing you? use.perl.org

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