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acme (and others) are right, journals are not good places for arguing, for many reasons. First, they have no context. Second, they are fairly highly visible and these are mostly private arguments. Third, they ... um, I'll think of a third.

Anyway, I am not going to argue with someone in my journal anymore, as a general rule. However, might I suggest that if you say something controversial in your journal -- or say anything at all -- that you wish to invite comment on, please select Comments Enabled for that entry (or select it as the default for all new entries). Then arguments can take place in context, as comments on the journal, and won't waste our precious journal space. And if you don't wish to invite comment, I suggest that you don't say too many controversial or attacking things. Human nature often dictates that people respond, whether or not they should.

Thanks for listening, and I am sorry to those whom I've offended. Somewhat. ;-)

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