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So awhile back we got a spare G3 Mac at work to play with Mac OS X on. Well, that computer was wanted by someone else, and this FireWire PowerBook G3 was available, in good shape, so we traded.

I got ahold of it, and it had this weird problem where it wouldn't restart. The hard drive wouldn't be recognized. I had to shut down in order to boot. Pretty soon, I couldn't even start up at all. Fooey.

So it took forever for it to get repaired (not Apple's fault, per se, but the fact that we couldn't pay for the repairs right away), and I got it back and it is working fine, except that it won't wake from sleep. It will wake from a sleep of maybe 30o seconds, but anything longer than that and the drive spins up, but no lights come on, no screen, no sound, etc. I need to force-restart to get anything. Other than that, the computer is working fine. But without being able to sleep ... it could get old fast.

The good news is that it is just like my older laptop, but faster, has better battery life, and has internal AirPort. The bad news is that it can't sleep.

Oh, and if I hit the down arrow followed quickly by the up arrow, THREE characters are produced: down, "\", and up. Why "\"? If I am holding down shift, then it is "|" instead. What the heck?

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