MacPerl 5.6.1 Beta 2 Soonish

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Matthias has been helping with more bugfixes, I've updated bundled modules and docs and fixed various bugs, and it's about time.

I have had trouble debugging some things because the xSYM file for MacPerl won't open in the CodeWarrior 5.3 IDE. I reinstalled and it still didn't work. However, it does work with Apple's Power Mac Debugger, and with the CodeWarrior 5 IDE. So ... I keep two versions of the IDE around, plus the Power Mac Debugger.

And then I tried to recompile yesterday, and crashes in the linker up the wazoo. Doh; I realized later that the 5.3 MWLinkPPC was causing me problems before, and I reverted. So I reverted again. Yay.

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