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So I am working on a new plugin for Slash, which is called Slash::Gallery, but it's really Slash::Pr0n.

It is essentially an image gallery plugin, but it will also have image groups that you can assign images to (they can be assigned to more than one group) and then users can be a member of those groups, and users can only see the images that are in their groups. Slash has built-in ways to make sure that you can't download too much, so it will have protection from mass-downloaders, and I am going to work out some way to make sure that the URL you get for an image is only good for you, not for any other user.

It also automatically scales the images, using Imager. If the scaled image is not on disk, it creates it, saves it to disk, and sends it out. Otherwise, it just sends it out. If the original image is modified (date is more recent than scaled image), then it recreates the scaled image. You can add images to the system just by adding them to the filesystem (organized however you like) and then calling a method to search for new images.

I've gotta get this finished so I can distribute pictures I've been taking to friends and family, and I've never found an image gallery thingy I liked, and is now running Slash, so ...

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