End of Holiday

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Holiday is over. It was very nice. I worked a bit on my Slash::Gallery for putting pictures online. Aside from that, I did very little work. I hung out a bit on use Perl, but that's mostly all.

My wife and I played some games, hung out with the dogs, took some walks, watched some movies and TV and sports. Relaxed. It was very nice indeed.

I am still watching the Twilight Zone marathon. I have over 30 episodes on the TiVo, with about 10 already watched. I only watch it once a year, on the New Year's marathon on SciFi. It used to be on KOFY in the Bay Area every year, but then SciFi got the rights to it.

Today I resume work on Slash. I am doing a 2.2.2 release, and fixing bugs, and resuming work on more of the messaging system.

Tonight I resume work on MacPerl. Thomas Wegner sent me Shuck 1.6.0, and Matthias has fixed some GUSI bugs (a new GUSI is due soon, I reckon). use.perl.org

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