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I recorded many Twilight Zones with my DirecTiVo box this week, more than 30, and I noticed that the TiVo was acting very peculiar. Selecting one of the episodes in Now Playing would cause it to kinda freeze up for several seconds. So selecting one would cause a delay, then hitting channel up (to go to another) would cause a delay, and so on, so it was very time-consuming to see which saved episodes were which. However, when I got to some other show saved in Now Playing, like The Brak Show, it came right up.

My guess is that TiVo first looks at "The Twilight Zone" in its database, then scans to find a particular episode and get its data, and when there are more than 80 episodes for a particular show in the database, as in this case, it gets to be quite slow. use.perl.org

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