LWCE Day Two

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Day Two was a bit better than Day One, because I did a lot less travelling.

Being sedentary is good.

So the day started as it should, going over to the OSDN meeting room for free food and net access. Then I hung out most of the rest of the day, eating, talking to people, and taking pictures. I was amazed at how different this was from a Perl conference; very little technical content, everything was about business, and the form of the booths was far more impressive than the content of the booths.

I did see the Perforce booth and told them that I use Perforce, at which point they responded, "really?" They said they were coming out with a Mac OS GUI for Perforce at some point (I didn't ask, but I would assume Carbon-based?) and they gave me a free balsa wood airplane, the only really good swag I snagged.

In the afternoon I sat in on a couple of sessions, including ESR's Vaudeville Act, something about moving Windows to Linux. I got a bit frightened and went over to Jeff Bates and some other people talking about a demographic study of SourceForge.net users, which was interesting.

Then I went to the hotel and hung out for a bit before having dinner with Fmh at the Palm. Nice big expensive steaks, and I stuck him with the bill. Awwwwww yeah. use.perl.org

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