LWCE Day Three

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Day Three, woke up, cleaned up room, checked out. The hotel had this soul CD in the room that was pretty relaxing, and I thought Oh, Cool, I get a free CD out of this. Then I saw the sticker: $13 to keep the CD. So I ripped it.

I went over to the OSDN booth and found no wireless access. So I found another wireless network and used that. Then I got tired of stealing things and we got the nice men from shownets.net to set up a hub and some static IPs. But the public computer we had set up had no RJ-45 connection I could find, just 802.11 card. So I set up my extra PowerBook instead.

I saw Penth, for the first time since TPC was in Monterey, I think. She stopped by on her way to the .org Pavilion (where .org's, non-commercial groups, set up small booths).

I went and hung out with the crew in the speaker's lounge, having some rice pilaf (no pictures of it, sorry!) and getting a copy of the Slash book. I then went to Brian Aker's talk on how Slashdot & MySQL scaled together, which was quite interesting, even for me, who knows most of the story already. After the talk, Brian rushed to the airport and I went back to the OSDN room again, where I checked mail, downloaded The Perl Review (which I read on the train) and helped clean up the room a bit.

After awhile, with most everything being taken down, I wandered over to the Compaq pinball table (some Harley Davidson game) and proceeded to score 36 million points on my first ball. A guy walked up and bragged that he had a high score of 96 million, so I decided to best him. I scored another 30-something million on my second ball, and was up to 86 million total with my third ball when the power went out. In the words of Charlie Brown: AUGH!

I took a cab over to Penn Station and stood around for an hour, got on the train, and read The Perl Review, watched Tron, and went home. use.perl.org

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