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I am attempting to order the Patriots' Super Bowl DVD from and it is taking forever. I ordered a present from and it was similar. What's up with these commerce sites? Did they hire the e-trade monkey to man them?

pdcawley asked if I was going to watch the game twice! No, the DVD does not have the complete game, it has season highlights. Besides, I have the game on the TiVo and plan on watching the game dozens of times. It's the first Super Bowl my daughter's been alive for, and she'll get to see it many times. Hopefully this year will also mark her first championships for hockey and baseball, too. :)

hfb++ came over to watch the game (she lives in MA and lived many years in St. Louis, she couldn't lose) and brought us some nice* baby clothes for our daughter. But I must say, while I can understand the feelings the bloke from has about childrearing, I can quite honestly say I share none of them. Coming clean for me about my feelings for my forthcoming baby girl entails no negative sentiment of any kind, especially since she is coming into a world where the New England Patriots are champions of the world!

* They really are nice; it's a rather poor word, but I can't think of another. I can't write "cute" because that's too unmanly for me to write. If I wrote "splendid" or "delightful" I would have had to kick myself out of my own Super Bowl party. So "nice" will have to suffice. :)

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