MP3::Info and Unicode

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So Che_Fox wants MP3::Info to handle Unicode strings. Well, he and others had recently helped me fix some problems with MP3::Info on ID3v2 tags and encoding bytes, so sure, let's look at it.

We figured we could just identify which strings are UTF-16 (the default for ID3v2; UTF-8 is not even supported until ID3v2.4.0, which most software doesn't even support yet) and convert them to UTF-8.

if ($uniconvert && ($encoding eq "\001" || $encoding eq "\002")) {  # UTF-16, UTF-16BE
    my $u = Unicode::String::utf16($data);
    $data = $u->utf8;

That worked fine, until we relalized that Unicode::String was leaving in the byte-order mark (BOM) and we don't want that. So we strip it out after the fact:

    $data =~ s/^\xEF\xBB\xBF//;    # strip BOM

Hopefully, that's the right thing. And it seems to work.

But then we realize that some tags might be Latin-1 and others might be UTF-8; so what to do? Well, we can convert everything to UTF-8, which will be fine, except that it will break things that want everything to be in Latin-1.


I think we're going to make a switch of some kind to tell MP3::Info to convert everything to UTF-8. Bah, again, I say!

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