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In 1998, I received 857 spams.

In 1999, I received 1,532 spams.

In 2000, I received 3,140 spams.

In 2001, I received 7,386 spams.

Already in 2002, I have received 2,954 spams. If February had been 31 days, I'd likely have gotten as many spams last month as I did in all of 1999.

I have never auto-filtered spam ... until now. It's gotten to be too much. I am getting about 50 spams per day, manually filtered to my spam box. Sigh. I get more spam every year than all previous years combined. This year I expect to get about 20,000 spams at the current rate of growth, which has been sustained over several years, and shows no signs of abating.

It is really disgusting.

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