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OK, ECODE should work now. It's just a pseudotag that allows you to embed code in with Plain Old Text or HTML Formatted post modes. It looks exactly like the Code post mode -- which essentially means that it converts whitespace to a combination of space and   entities, and wraps it in TT tags -- except that it is indented (with BLOCKQUOTE).

CREATE TABLE users_hits (
    uid mediumint UNSIGNED NOT NULL,
    lastclick TIMESTAMP,
    hits int DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY (uid)
) TYPE = myisam;

Yay. Also, if you need to put "<ECODE>" in your text, you can supply your own end tag:

You can do <ECODE>...</ECODE> now!  Yay for you!

Nifty. For those who have used ECODE or LITERAL (a deprecated synonym of ECODE) before, the rest works the same, except that beginning and trailing whitespace are now stripped, making it easier to use in Plain Old Text mode, where before you might get a lot of blank lines if you weren't careful.

[Previously referenced bug now fixed.]

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