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I finally did it, I went out and purchased O Brother, Where Art Thou?. Someone told me it is one of his least favorite Coen Brothers movies; it is my favorite. I loved the movie, but I wonder if the fact that it is the only Coen Brothers movie I've ever seen that I can enjoy with my family that makes a difference in my enjoyment. Hmmmmmm.

I TiVo'd a movie I'd been waiting to see since last fall when I first heard about it, The Believer, a movie about a Jewish Nazi in the 1960s. I've not seen it yet, but apparently it's a movie about not just the inherent contradiction in hating what he is, but also in that he compulsively tells people the secret he can't bear for anyone to know. The film's won the Sundance Film Festival last year, apparently. I saw commercials on Showtime for it last year, but to my knowledge it was never shown until now ... maybe Sept. 11 delayed it?

And then there's Revolution OS, which was on Sundance last night. It is the story we all know: boy goes to university, boy becomes insane, boy masterminds plot to stand up to megaconglomerate computer company. It features all your favorites, like RMS in the starring role, ESR, Bruce Perens, Larry Augustin, etc. And MAN are we all freaking geeks or WHAT? And I don't mean it in a good way. Yeesh.

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