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Last night I ran into trouble with the new Time::Local, at first thinking it made incorrect epoch assumptions. It didn't do that, but it did make incorrect assumptions about whether or not time_t was signed or unsigned, and whether or not time() was in seconds since the epoch in local time, or in GMT. Yowzers. However, Graham Barr was exceedingly patient and helpful in arriving at a resolution, and now it passes all tests for me.

So once that got fixed, I tried using MacPerl 5.7.3a1 to run my "compare_slash" program, which uses Mac::Glue (and a dozen other modules) to talk to Interarchy and BBEdit and compare my Slash source trees on my Linux dev box and my local Mac box. And it works just fine. No problems at all; Time::Local had been puking on me, but once it was restored, everything Just Worked. I am therefore fairly optimistic about getting MacPerl 5.8 out the door in what should be (to me :-) a reasonable amount of time. I still have a lot of work left to do on it, but far, far less than what it took for 5.6; mostly just a few more configuration tasks, and then the testing.

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